System Requirements for Toolkit Software

HertzWin runs under Windows or under Linux using Wine.

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Normally, the software will run on any Windows computer. If the software does not run properly, it is probably missing one or more VB6 runtime files. If these are not present on your PC, you can download and install them. Unfortunately, they are no longer available on the ms website, but there are general download sites where you can find them. Some examples are: and Alternatively, you can download them from
Note: if you are running one of the toolkit programs on a high resolution display (High DPI)  under Windows 10, the fonts can be blurry. See this article how to fix is easily.


To install and run on Linux just follow these instructions. Required disk space is ~1.1 MB.

Apple OS

HertzWin does not run under Apple OS unless via Crossover from Codeweavers.