Terms of Delivery

A lot of care has been taken into the development of all software programs and the tolerance analysis spreadsheet of Vink System Design & Analysis. The programs and the spreadsheet have been extensively tested and the chance of bugs is small. Despite this, unexpected bugs may still appear. Therefore, updates to fix any bugs are free.

It is not possible to exchange or return programs or spreadsheets that have been purchased. The reason for this? It is not possible to check whether the software or spreadsheet has actually been removed and is no longer used.

Are you interested in FlexBeam Pro? You can test the program extensively with FlexBeam Lite, the free version of the program. This way you will not be faced with surprises when you purchase a license.

The property rights of this site and all spreadsheets, software and documentation available for download on this site are vested in Vink System Design & Analysis.

You may not post or offer the content of this website and/or the spreadsheets, software and documentation on the Internet, or distribute or otherwise reproduce it in any way without prior express written permission from Vink System Design & Analysis.

Vink System Design & Analysis (Jaap Vink) is registered at the Eindhoven Chamber of Commerce under number 17199525.