About Vink System Design & Analysis

A successful design starts with a complete set of specifications and a good concept.

But it often takes a lot of attention to get it right. Is the desired stiffness achieved? Are the material stresses within the specified requirements? Is there no hidden stick-slip? Does the composition meet the required dimensional accuracy, taking into account all manufacturing tolerances? What are the failure mechanisms?

These are all questions that can be answered in the design phase. I (Jaap Vink) have solid experience with these kinds of fine mechanical analyses. My years of practical experience provide a broad perspective.



I started as a developer at Canon Production Printing (then Océ) in Venlo. Within the development of a wide format scanner printer (up to A0), I worked on the scanning module and the exposure module.

After a few years I moved to ASML in Veldhoven. There I worked for about 22 years in the development department. First as a designer and soon as a (senior) engineer in a group that supports designers with:

drawing up specifications for (sub) systems;
concept design;
(fine) mechanical analyzes;
setting up and conducting qualification tests;
technical reports.


I often worked on opto-mechanical projects, but also on mechatronic projects. In later years, one of the important tasks was to perform tolerance analyses. At ASML I helped to develop the structured, methodical approach.

I also developed an Excel template for tolerance analysis. This allows any mechanical designer to set up, calculate and present his analysis in the same way. Through the Tolerance Analysis course, offered by Mikrocentrum, the mechanical designers at ASML are now learning to work with this Excel template.


In 2007 I continued as a self-employed person in the same field and I also used my knowledge and skills with the engineering company Vink System Design & Analysis for other companies, such as Mapper Lithography.

Tolerance Analysis Course

Furthermore, due to my knowledge of and experience with tolerance analysis, I have been asked by the Mikrocentrum to be a lecturer for the open courses and internal courses on Tolerance Analysis. Practice has shown that the course is suitable for many companies in many different sectors. In 2011, I decided to stop teaching.