A smoothly running assembly process with a low failure rate also depends on whether all parts fit. The specifications with regard to accuracy must be met too. In addition, a low cost of goods is important to have competitive strength. To achieve all this, a good tolerance analysis is essential.

TolStackUp is a professional Excel template for tolerance analysis. Save time and get started quickly with a flawless analysis.


Spreadsheet for Tolerance Analysis

TolStackUp is a tolerance analysis spreadsheet (template) created in Microsoft Excel. It is designed to analyze and manage the effects of dimensional deviations of parts in an assembly.

It is common to perform such tolerance analysis in a spreadsheet, usually Excel. It is organized, accurate and almost anyone can work with it. But it takes a lot of work to create a spreadsheet that meets all the requirements for proper tolerance analysis. The TolStackUp template, it is designed for designers/developers, has everything you need to analyze and manage the dimensions and tolerances of parts in an assembly. Including the correct calculation of the statistical results. The structured and methodical design makes the analysis and management clear and transparent.

Using a so-called ‘tolerance pool‘, TolStackUp is well suited for analyzing and managing large, complex assemblies with many tolerance chains. But it is also ideal for simple assemblies with only a single tolerance chain.

A step-by-step description of how to use the template is provided in the help page.

New in release 2.0 is the ability to easily include parts manufactured with a Cpk specification in the analysis. It is possible to work with a general Cpk specification, but also with a custom specification per part. This article discusses the background and methodology. There are also articles on setting up a tolerance chain, on a step-by-step plan for tolerance stackup analysis, and tolerance summation statistics.

Properties and Possibilities of TolStackUp

  • Proven method for statistical summation, capability calculation and failure rate estimation;
  • Combination of worst-case items and statistical elements;
  • Component specification with or without Cpk;
  • Clear, unambiguous and consistent layout;
  • Choice of two tolerance tables:
    • a basic table for one to six degrees of freedom;
    • special table for use with vectors;
  • unlimited number of tables and sheets;
  • Structured design with a central tolerance pool and a vector pool;
  • Designed to handle anything from a single analysis to a spreadsheet with hundreds of analyses;;
  • Excellent for 3D analysis;
  • Formulas protected from changes. No password to allow flexible customization by the advanced user;;
  • Extensive help sheet included in the template;
  • Sample tables included in the template to further simplify use;
  • Complete visibility into how the template works, no hidden formulas or elements;
  • No tricky or insecure macros or VBA code;
  • One-time purchase and unlimited use;
  • For Excel 2007 or higher and LibreOffice;
  • In accordance with the method as used in the Mikrocentrum course Tolerance Analysis.


The price for a single user license is € 13.50. For 5 or more licenses, the following discount applies.

  • 5 users; € 2,50 discount;
  • 10 users; € 7,50 discount;
  • 20 users; € 20,00 discount;
  • 50 users; € 62,50 discount;
  • Please contact us for an unlimited number of licenses.

The current release is 2.2.1. Updates of the template are always free.

Experience in Tolerance Analysis

TolStackUp was developed by Jaap Vink (Vink System Design & Analysis). He has many years of experience in making tolerance analysis and has been a teacher of the Tolerance Analysis course at Mikrocentrum for 6 years. See also the Mikrocentrum promotional video below (Dutch language).